Life Changing Programs


Motivational Presentation


Wes' presentations focuses on speaking to schools, businesses and organizations using conversational candor that many audiences can relate to. Expect learn key techniques on how to overcome obstacles
to be successful in any endeavor. Whether it's personal development or
professional advancement, Wes provides a framework to encourage audiences
to be positive and productive individuals.

The Pursuit Program


Students will acquire additional knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful individuals and life-long learners. This program focuses on topics such as the following: Success, Planning, Positioning, Persistence, Goal-setting, Drive, Vision, and offers a forum for students to address any issues they are having in school or at home openly.


Cakery Square

Cakery Square is empowering youth within the community to develop a sense of purpose. We encourage an entrepreneurial mind-set and provide jobs to students involved in alternative educational settings. Our goal is to provide these students with an opportunity to learn, train, and work so they have the skills to be independent and successful adults. Cakery Square gives students a platform to train in areas that are passionate to them and help equip them for real-life experiences.  



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